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EU regulations on animal research

Research on great apes to be prohibited, ethical evaluation made mandatory, and greater focus should be placed on alternatives to animal research. These are some of the changes in the Commission’s proposal for new European legislation on animal research. But there is no requirement for a total ban on the use of monkeys in research.

The European Commission also emphasizes the need for finding alternative methods to animal experiments, with the ethical principle of the 3Rs as a guiding star: replace, reduce, refine.

Public Opinion
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Public opinion in Sweden about animal research

Seven in ten Swedes indicate that the use of animals in research is acceptable for medical research. Young people are more negative than older people. The survey is published in a  report from the Swedish Research Council.

Ethical review
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Lines of reasoning in a Swedish Ethical Committee on animal research

Ethical review of each research project involving animal research is mandatory in Sweden. This has been the case since 1979. The committees consist of both lawyers, researchers and representatives of animal welfare organisations. Meet two of the members of the Uppsala Ethical committee and learn how they work. - about animal research

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